Cooking lessons

Do you feel like you’re not as handy in the kitchen as you wish to be?  Do you know there are food prep shortcuts out there that can save you time on those family dinners?  Want to make a fancy meal to wow your spouse or guests?  There are so many skills and tricks that can help you save time and make your meals more flavorful and fresh.  Hiring Chef Jamie for cooking lessons will give you a full hour of instruction focused on what you want to learn most.  He can help simplify your preparation by showing you different techniques, he can teach you tricks to make your dishes more flavorful, and he can guide you on how you can make food in your home with the pizzazz of a restaurant meal.

Restaurant Consulting

Chef Jamie can help you tweak your kitchen to meet your budget!  He has experience with restaurant start-ups, writes menus, and assesses kitchen deficiencies.  When it comes to these things, he can visit and evaluate your kitchen, your staff, and their work flow to advise where you can save labor time and expenses to have the most efficient operation.


your private chef

Chef Jamie can design and prepare coursed meals in any fashion your heart desires.  He can create the meal in your home or venue of choice with the highest quality of locally-sourced ingredients.  He can accommodate your home, a reception hall, your yacht, even an island for a beach day excursion.  You name it…Where there’s a will, Chef Jamie has a way!


Event Catering

Whether you’re looking to host an intimate party with friends or a larger event such as a wedding, Chef Jamie has the skills and capacity to accommodate feeding any size function you need.  He has 14+ years specifically in weddings and corporate banquets and can help in every step along the way.  From creating your menu to choosing your method of presentation (plated, buffet, or action stations), he’ll make you feel comfortable with your decisions and wow you with the results.



Delivered Office Lunches

Are you a sales rep who sends catered lunches to your clients offices?  Are you an office manager who enjoys the convenience and moral boost that a delivered lunch provides for your staff in the office?  Daily food deliveries to your place of business can help your staff be more efficient and feel appreciated while reducing downtime and increasing morale.  With customized menu planning you can create your own unique meal plans or you can let Chef Jamie dazzle you with his creations.  Our high-end catered meals can be hot or cold, individual meals, or buffet-style presentations that range from deli sandwiches to family-style meals.  Chef Jamie creates innovative meals that meet your employee’s (or your diets!) wishes.